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We offer up to-date, international standard fitness courses that covers applied knowledge, tools, skill sets, hands on experience and local action plan to help define you as the most sought-after fitness professional in this rapidly growing fitness industry. We also prepares you for many international credentials and certifications.

Personal Trainer Development Programme

Personal Training is one of the fastest growing professions in the health and fitness industry. Our Personal Trainer Development Programme (PTDP) covers everything you need to know to start your amazing career journey.


Find out why our students choose Fit Malaysia over other learning providers.


International standard courses catered to Malaysian students since 2005

Educators with solid academic backgrounds and industrial experience

Complete support throughout your experience and beyond

Courses with real skills and knowledge you can apply immediately to your job

Quality guarantee at affordable rates


Asia’s widest career network


Find out why our students choose Fit Malaysia over other learning providers.


We offers candidates the opportunity to achieve their fitness certification through internationally recognized courses and certification exams.


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  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist exam prep course cooking hot right in @fitmalaysia ! 🔥 conducted by Andrew Telfer, Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and Education, CSCS, these strong people are all loaded up with bullets to nail their upcoming CSCS Exam! Wanna know more about CSCS? Visit our website at to find out more! 👍🏻
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  • Our Certified Fitness Instructor Part Time Course getting Rock n’ Roll 🕺🏻💃🏻 Weekend means more learning, more knowledge sharing, & non stop self improvement for these bunch of  future Fitness Professionals! Welcome to Fitness Innovations Malaysia! 🙌🏻
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  • Congratulations in completing the Certified Fitness Instructor course fellow Fitness Professionals! May you excel in your fitness route undertaking & soar in the bright sky like a proud eagle! 🦅 🕺🏻🏆
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  • Proudly presents, Rehab Trainers Team all the way from the Country Down Under, to bring to you Rehab Essential. Distincting themselves from Physiotherapy model, Fitness Professionals will need to worry no more about the boundary being crossed. But instead, you will become more highly skilled to deal with complaints from client about pain or injuries in different joints, be it with Upper Limb, Lower Limb or Spine. interested about the course, drops us a DM or visit our webpage at to find out more!
  • 好消息! 
如果你已经拥有一年以上的运动经验, 或你想成为一名健身指导员的话,这是一项必须参加的培训课程。经过培训,你将能够有效的指导,设计及带领一对一或小组训练。你将具备国际标准健身指导员的条件,并且使你对这项行业更有信心。 
  • Look how happy our educator @adreannajoyce is playing with the newly arrived FITM goodie bag! And only for this month of June, signing up to any of our courses will get 1 bag FOR FREE! Ohhh. While stocks last! 💃🏻
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  • Hey Fitness Professionals! Have your ever wonder how hormone can impact on exercise performance? Eager to know what sports supplementation can do in speeding up fat mobilizations? If the answer is YES, your pointing lamp is here! 👏🏻
A big round of applause to welcome Dr Chirag Sethi here to @fitmalaysia ! Only for two day, Dr. Chirag will be conducting workshops as per dates below; 👇🏻
1️⃣ Effects of Hormones on Exercise & Performance - 28th July 2018 (Sat) ✅
2️⃣ Sports Supplementation & Ergogenic Aids - 29th July 2018 (Sun) ✅
Reserve yourself a slot before it’s too late peeps! Tickets are selling like hot cakes! Don’t miss out! Details of the courses can also be found at 🤟🏻
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Last chance for you to grab a seat this coming Friday (22nd June) to Sunday (24th June) for the exciting & knowledge packed Exam Prep Workshop for NSCA SCSC Advance Certification, conducted by non-other than International Educator Andrew Telfer. .
With over 10 years of class teaching experience, Andrew possesses vast experience teaching CSCS, ACE CPT & ACSM courses. He has worked with various fitness centre including Head Coach at CrossFit Chiang Mai, Head Educator at Eat Fitness foundations, and so on. He has also worked with many professional athletes including professional hockey, rugby, tennis & Muay Thai athletes 🥊
For more details of the course & registrations, you can checkout our website at . Don’t miss out this golden opportunity!
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