“What do you think he is trying to do?

Act cute? Trying to scare you off? Guess no further!

He is actually demonstrating his favourite exercise/ movement.

Many of you who read this may think out loud,
“What?! That’s an exercise?”

Yes, it is! The exercise is known as hip escape which is commonly used in mixed martial arts to create distance between fighters and can be used to escape a bad position or help get to a position to create leverage, execute a submission or just get back to standing. Apparently, it is also good for back flexion and to strengthen the core muscles.

Hazrul Izwan, the person demonstrating the said movement, is a recent graduate of our Personal Trainer Development Program. He used to be very active in martial arts (Taekwando) when he was still in school but his lifestyle became sedentary for almost 10 years subsequently. He started visiting the gym again in 2014, focusing on strength & conditioning, cardiovascular training and also returned to do martial arts. Half a year ago, he began to compete in local and international Jiujitsu competitions and has been gaining invaluable experience since.

When asked on his future plans, Hazrul wishes to specialise in the area of strength & conditioning and also to conduct outdoor bootcamps for free as his way of giving back to the society. Quoting him, “There are too many people who are not bothered with their sedentary lifestyles. I want them to join my training programme and be more active”.

Such a noble intention he has there.

Hazrul, we wish you all the best in your chosen future direction!