Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK)

The Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK) provide cutting edge courses in the field of ‘Functional Training,’ with a team of elite presenters with vast experience and technical training from worldwide. All courses are accredited (Continuing Education Credits – CEC) certification boasting world first courses in many areas including Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battling Ropes, MMA Conditioning, Mobility, Rehabilitation, Barbells and Suspension Training. AIK are pioneers in the field of Functional Training and our methodologies, attention to detail and progressive ideas are increasing the standard of personal training worldwide.

In addition, AIK are:

  • The only provider of Powerbags education worldwide
  • Australia’s first ever accredited Kettlebells Educators
  • Exclusive functional training partners with Australia’s largest Fitness College ‘Australian Institute of Fitness’.
  • One of only 2 Battling Ropes educators worldwide. The other is US only.
  • Partners with International Kettlebell organisations IUKL and IKSFA.

We had a quick chat with one of the co-founder and Co-Director of AIK- TAREK ‘TAZ’ CHOUJA

Please share with us what’s the vision of AIK?
‘To design and deliver world leading functional training courses so we equip fitness professionals with best practice and knowledge’.
AIK was developed in 2009 for the purpose of delivering quality Kettlebell education to Fitness Professionals in Australia. We yearned to see people use this tool safely and correctly so more people could experience the wonders associated with it. Our vision has grown to encompass other functional training modes and we are now focused on delivering these to the world.

Please tell us more about yourself
After years of training with Kettlebells, and after extensive research and training development, Dan (another co-founder of AIK) and I developed Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training level 1. This fused my passion for fitness with a new found specialty in functional training. I have been blessed to have had extensive training in Australia and internationally with kettlebell legend Vasily Ginko; MMA conditioning expert Joey Alvarado; Battling Ropes founder John Brookfield and Rehab expert Ulrik Larson During my time with AIK, I have co written and produced Kettlebells level 1 and 2; Fundamentals of MMA Conditioning level 1; assisted in our Kettlebells and Powerbags for Rehab Training and more recently co-produced our CrankIt Fitness Suspension Training/Kettlebells course It is this knowledge and practicality that underpins AIK and I firmly believe that we practice what we preach and it all begins by practicing the most effective training methods the right way!

What will you are bringing to Malaysia this time?
I will be bringing my excellent track record as a presenter within the region for the last 2 years including presenting at IFEX (Indonesia) and now Asia Fitness Conference & Expo (AFC) to coming October 2015

What are the learning objectives?

This course is designed to teach the fitness enthusiast the fundamentals behind Battling Rope Training.

Training with Battling Ropes is a new and exciting way to exercise the body using full movement based techniques with a rope. This has been termed Velocity Training whereby the energy that is produced through movement is carried into the rope to produce a continued wave like motion. It’s this continued energy within the rope that produces amazing results.

This course is designed to teach the fitness Professional the fundamentals behind Powerbag Training.

Training with Powerbags teaches the body to use its core stabilizers effectively in order that transfer of energy can take place effectively during even the most complex of movement patterns. It provides a feedback mechanism to assist with the development of all movements being high quality. It constantly emphasizes a high level of co- ordination within each movement and increases the power by which these co-ordinate movements can be carried out.

Are these workshops suitable for beginner level and advanced level trainers? Who is suitable to join?
The AIK training methodologies are at present in demand and suitable for all fitness professionals of any levels.

‘I know about battling rope and using it, will this workshop still benefit me?’

As with all our courses we ensure not just proficiency in the tool but how to coach it.

The Battling Ropes course is excellent to understand the application of the tool and how to introduce it to beginner clients and advance it for those with greater fitness levels.
Trainers will:
Learn how to teach using verbal, tactile and visual cues
Learn how to breakdown movements into appropriate steps
Learn when to apply regressions and progressions
They will learn how to create programs that get clients results
They will attract new clientele
They will reinvigorate existing clientele and keep them training longer
They will learn methods to increase service offerings such as semi-private training and small group training.

Each workshop comes with ACE CEC / NASM CEU points.

Want to know more details about the workshops in May? Contact our Education Advisor team +603 77260030 or fill up the Contact Us form.