It was our very first time conducting the Certified Fitness Instructor course in Mandarin and we are curious of how it went for our students! Fortunately, 3 of our first batch of Certified Fitness Instructor (Mandarin) graduates Liew Khai Liang, Tan Kah Qiang and Toh Chin Yong have agreed to share and enlighten us with their experience.

这是我们第一次举办健身指导员培训课程,这让我们对学生们的反应感到好奇!非常庆幸的,我们成功邀请了三位学生,分别是Liew Khai Liang, Tan Kah Qiang and Toh Chin Yong 为大家分享培训过程的感受及感想。

So tell us! What did you enjoy most from this course?

CY : “I would believe that as a trainer, I am kind of familiar with what exercises to give to my clients but then I realize I actually am not sure how does it actually work. Therefore, in this course, it has been an eye-opener to the science behind fitness and training where I learnt how the heart works and how muscles contracts during training.”
CY: 我各人比较喜欢运动科学的部分。身为一个健身指导员,在参加课程之前,虽然知道应该为客户设计怎样的运动, 可是从来不知道这些背后的科学原理。在这里不止学到了许多运动技巧, 还明白了肌肉收缩的原理,心肺运动如何影响心脏的跳动率,还有许多科学原理。

KQ & KL : “We enjoyed Self Myofascial Release most! It was very new to us and we do find it both important and interesting to apply into our client’s training sessions.”
KQ: 教官在课堂解释得非常详细, 学到很多之前没有接触过的课题, 例如 “自我肌筋膜放松” (Self – Myofascial Release) 以及设计体适能课程 等等 。
KL: 尝试了很多新的东西,觉得最有趣的是在课程之前没有听过的 “自我肌筋膜放松” (Self – Myofascial Release) ,有机会一定会让客户们尝试。

That’s good! How do you find the course helpful towards your PT career?

KQ : “I’ve seen a positive development in my career particularly in my communication with clients. The instructions were delivered in a much clearer and easily comprehensive manner. This helped clients to understand, imagine and perform movements better, especially clients with no prior exercise experience.
KQ: 和客户的沟通方式有了不少改善。 尤其是在指导初学者的时候,客户明显的比较容易了解我所给予的指示,很快便能达到最好的效果。

KL : “I am aware that I feel more professional in my career as a personal trainer especially in terms of planning, managing, procedure of training movements and guidelines to take note of while conducting training sessions.”
KL: 我觉得在为客户设计及编排体适能计划的时候显得比较专业。

Any advice to other trainers/instructors who are looking to get certified just
like you?
那对于其他也想要成为合格的健身指导员/健身教练, 是否有什么建议?

KQ : “I have been longing to be certified ever since I started my career as a trainer. I highly recommend both current trainers and those new to this industry to continuously learn to expand your knowledge and find all opportunities to clear any possible doubts that you have regarding fitness and training before you continue your journey as a trainer or instructor”
KQ : 在我刚刚入行的时候就很想上个课程, 领取证书 (certified)。一定会推荐各位同行或刚入行的同事必须不断提升自我, 让自己在身为健身指导员的路程更加优秀。

CY : “Trainers or instructors should attend this course and get themselves certified to know the ACSM guidelines as I do see the importance of broadening one’s knowledge in fitness and exercise training. Educating themselves through this course is recommended as in reality, there is much more to know than what we already know.”
CY: 我各人觉得不断学习及增广知识是必然的,在这堂课程中还理解了 ACSM准则。知识是会不断更新的,所以我绝对赞成不断提升自己。

KL : “I am fully supportive of those that would like to get themselves certified in their career. Especially those with interest and the desire of wanting to know more in this fitness and training industry. I strongly recommend you to attend this course and to get yourself certified to enhance your career development as a trainer or instructor”
KL: 我非常支持那些想要领取证书的朋友,尤其是当你有兴趣想成为健身指导员或想学习更多的同行们。我强力推荐这项课程,培训过程更能让我们增强事业发展。

Are you still curious on how this course would be? Would Mandarin be your primary language? Want to know more? What better way than to experience it yourself! Just so you know, the next class would be on the 31st July 2016.
你还对这项课程感到好奇吗? 中文是否是你的母语? 是否想了解更多? 心动不如行动吧! 下一堂健身指导员培训课程就在7月29日 – 7月31日。