Kevin Zahri bin Abdul Ghaffar

or affectionately known as Cikgu Fitness Malaysia is an award-winning fitness influencer and social entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. He is the founder of Malaysia’s largest weight loss movement called Bukan Soal Kurus (formerly Jom Kurus 1Malaysia) which has involved more than 250,000 participants since 2013. He is a bestselling author, has written for various fitness and lifestyle magazines, hosted and appeared on various TV shows, programs, and magazines. His latest book is called “Kurus -Bukan Soal Kurus”. As the non-profit chairman of the Malaysian Adult and Childhood Obesity Prevention Organization and the Kelab Sukan Rakyat, Kevin Zahri is a passionate advocate of creative healthcare education and the cultivation of community sports in our effort to combat the rise of obesity in Malaysia. Kevin Zahri is a highly sought-after keynote speaker for corporate wellness events, forums, debates and makes regular appearances on TV shows and various media outlets. He is also a proud member of Malaysia MENSA, the high IQ society since 2018, a fellow industry member for University Sains Malaysia, and an active committee member for various governmental movements to curb child and adulthood obesity, community sports development, and creative healthcare education for future generations.