Dr. Kavitha Mahadevan

is a witty, adventurous and passionated Sports and Exercise Physician based with the Ministry of Health Malaysia. She has been in the fitness line for more than a decade after completing her ACE CPT and MEX certification. Driven by her interest in exercise together with her speciality training in Sports Medicine, she is a true believer of exercise being the most powerful tool towards a strong, healthy and a meaningful life. Having spoken in various media platforms such as Astro Vbuzz, BFM 89.9 and TraxxFM, she finds every opportunity to spread awareness on the importance of exercise and physical movement. She has a special interest in Exercise in Pregnancy and Exercise in the Aging Population and has been invited to share and educate more medical professionals in medically oriented courses. She synchronizes with the word Believe and hopes to see more individuals choosing exercise over medication as a treatment tool.