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Our Testimonials

Intan Safinaz Ahmad
An excellent one stop place for fitness and resourceful learning from skillful trainers and professional which giving a high standard quality in delivering the method in all fitness scopes...
Srorn Sum
A fitness education center that make your dream comes true and never end your education.
Mohamad Azim
By attending the Physique Specialist workshop, I learned quite a lot. The most important thing I learned from this 3 days’ workshop is that the quality is way more important than the quantity. Ego lifting is something that we all must refrain from if we were to see any changes from our physique. Lifting heavy is good however without utilizing principles like proper form and going full range of motion, the exercise will be very inefficient. I learned how difficult and effective lifting with the proper method and tempo is. Normally my workouts have about 5-7 exercises and I get to complete all of them. However in this workshop, I could only complete 3 exercises and I'm already feeling terribly sore. That taught me that lifting the right amount of weight is the best way to put the muscles at maximal work. Not only that, it also plays a significant role in keeping one injury-free to continue lifting weights for a long time to come. That’s all from me. And what I like about FITM is the positivity & enthusiasm in helping others to become a better fitness professional through the courses & workshops. Definitely the right place for all the fitness professional to learn & seek advise'.
Khanvilkar Manoj J
Engineering Manager in Oil and Gas industry
First day at FITM was beyond my expectations. Educators & staffs are very friendly. Great facility at FITM. I am learning finer points of fitness & gym workout. I get to know new friends here who are awesome. In brief, I learned the Fundamental components of the Exercises through the ACT Model. And above all, I learned what's the crucial component of our workout. I also learned the basics of how to perform lower body movements like squats & lunges. The warm-up techniques that I learned today are going to be very useful to me in my regular workouts here onwards. Thanks a ton to FITM. Looking forward to tomorrow.
Valen Ps Ashley
Good educators, can blend in easily with all of the educators because all of them are friendly and knowledgeable. I have never regret taking courses with FITM. Took CPT and HIIT courses, hopefully soon this December for rehab. Gaining plenty of knowledge, tactics, ideas and as well improving myself in fitness.
Alicia Pufoong
After months of research to find myself a fitness school . Finally I got one which i would highly recommended to any one who wants to pursue further in their fitness studies. Educators are well trained and well-equipped and staffs are helpful! Choose FITM!
Tang Wei Ling
Loved the way the coaches conducted the class. The message delivered was really clear and they created a very fun, conducive and interactive environment to learn. From the time I first inquired about the course, their representative has been attentively responding to my questions and they even sent a guide for parking prior to my classes. If you're considering where u should get started on your instructor journey, FITM is definitely highly recommended.
Norman Lai
Enjoyed my overall learning process and the educators really made the classroom felt like a playroom.
Alex Phang
Zumba Jammer, Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, PhD Candidate in Pathology
What I like the most is the course is SHORT & SWEET. The way Ee Ling delivered the content is interesting and catching attention especially for those instructors rarely attend course. Yes, I would definitely recommend you guys to others, i just pass your contact to others recently, because i think you have a professional team with knowledgeable speaker/facilitator, though most of the time all participants can pass the exam/evaluation but it is conducted in a professional way which it's supposed to be. My overall learning experience is described in a single word: AWESOME!!!
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