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Small Group Personal Trainer: T3 by Trainfitness


Late registration fee RM1,680.00

Late registration fee RM1,680.00
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Course Details


T3 provides you with fast, effective workouts that can be delivered on a one-to-one basis, in small groups, or even in a traditional group exercise setting. Each workout offers 30-minutes of high intensity exercise that adapts to the fitness level of each participant. An abbreviation of Train Track Transform, T3 sessions feature exercise sequences that are not choreographed, and which can be performed with or without music on the gym floor, in the studio or outside.

Course Provider


CEC Points

ACE 1.3 CECs

Course Duration

14 hours (2 days)

Course Time

9am – 5pm

Course Fee

RM 1,580
*fee includes 3-month subscription

RM 1,680 (outstation)
*fee includes 3-month subscription

Learning Materials

T3 Training manual and T3 online course

Course Level

Level 2 - Courses with learning or content extended from Level 1 with the objective to focus on a specific interest in training


Upon meeting all requirements of the workshop and completing the online course, you will receive a Certificate in T3 Training from Trainfitness

Grading Criteria

You are required to complete the T3 online course and there will be a practical exam where you will be evaluated by a Trainfitness programme leader


T3 workouts are updated six times per year. Each workout subscription is available at two price points: £4.16 (monthly) and £49.90 (yearly). You will need to subscribe to at least one workout for at least one month in order to start teaching

Exam Fee

T3 practical exam retake: RM 100

Dress Code

Fitness attire

What Do I Need To Bring?

Stationery and a spare change of clothes

Course Capacity

A minimum of 12 pax and a maximum of 20 pax