Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Workshop


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Learn how get on a sustainable fat loss programme and how to progressively build lean mass in this workshop. Discover the answers to optimal training frequency, repetitions, intensity and training volume as well as gain insights on must have nutrition strategies to stimulate both muscle growth and fat loss!

This workshop is suitable for Fitness Enthusiasts with at least 6 months experience in resistance training

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the Founder/ Managing Director of Fitness Edutraining Asia (FEA), Co- Founder/Managing Director of Fitness Innovations Malaysia (FITM) and Fitness Edutrainer of Asia (FEA). One of Jerrican’s interest in fitness is body transformation for everybody and coaching clients to achieve a healthier body weight. He believes strategies from fitness professionals should consider the three elements; scientific results, tried & proven and practicality towards the client’s genetic respond, preference and environment. This method will encourage a more flexible and open-minded approach of working with client while encourage better sustainability to the programme. Thus, many of Jerrican’s students find his courses exciting, easy to understand, applicable to real-life and practical. Jerrican delivers the FEA Body Transformation Specialist, FEA Management of Clients with Fat Loss Goals and FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner.


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Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Workshop

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