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Getting Personal Training Clients Without ‘Selling’

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“I don’t need a personal trainer, I can workout on my own”
“I’ve got no money and I’ve got no time”
Do any of these rejections ring a bell?

With the fast-growing trend in the fitness industry, the demands and competition in personal training business is at its highest. Having the experience and fitness knowledge alone is no longer enough to convert your prospects into business opportunities.

Are you a soon-to-be or an experienced personal trainer looking to increase and elevate your business and getting your prospects to say ‘Yes!’ to you? Look no further! Join us at this workshop and learn the art of selling in the personal training business. It’s not what you sell to your prospects but how you sell it to them that matters the most.

Course Provider

Paresh Subramaniyam

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Course Duration

4 hours (1 day)

Course Time

9am - 1pm

Course Fee

RM 380

Learning Materials

Handouts, course manual and/or presentation slides

Course Level

Level 0 - No prerequisite needed


Upon full attendance and completion of this workshop/course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance

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Course Capacity

A minimum of 12 pax and a maximum of 20 pax