Course Overview

Are you thinking of leading yourself and your gym buddies better in exercise? Then, you’re bound to benefit from the Exercise Leadership Workshop. Learn how to perform and lead resistance and flexibility exercises that aren’t just safe, but also effective. Furthermore, you’ll discover how to implement general cardiovascular training for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers to improve function, health, fitness and performance.

This is a highly recommended preparation workshop if you are thinking of stepping up to teach others professionally via Certified Fitness Practitioner.

What Are the Topics Covered?

  • Principles of Fitness: Discover the different aspects of fitness and what needs to be done to achieve it.
  • Muscle Groups: Learn how to perform scientifically based, safe and effective exercises for all major muscle groups.
  • Flexibility Training: Learn how to perform static and dynamic stretches for major muscle groups.
  • Cardiovascular Training: Learn how to design cardiovascular sessions for beginner, intermediate and advance exercisers.
  • Instructional Skills: Learn simple ways to teach exercises safe and effectively

Who Will This Benefit?

Fitness Enthusiasts with at least 6 months experience in resistance training

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Exercise Leadership Workshop

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